some - any and compounds

Gap-fill exercise

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General rules

"Some" und "any" bedeuten zwar das gleiche (etwas oder einige), sie werden aber unterschiedlich verwendet. Das gilt auch für die Zusammensetzungen (compounds):
something - (irgend)etwas
somebody, someone - (irgend)jemand
somewhere - (irgend)wo

some (any) + plural = einige
"Where is Betty? I´ve got some flowers for her." ( some flowers = einige Blumen)

some (any) + singular = etwas
I always put some milk into my tea.

SOME steht in:
Aussagesätzen ohne Verneinung.
There is some coffee in the cup.
Something is wrong with our car.
Where are my shoes? - They must be somewhere in the cellar.
There is somebody (someone) at the door.
Fragesätzen, bei denen man mit "ja" als Antwort rechnet, oder wenn mit einem Fragesatz eine Bitte ausgedrückt wird.
Can I have some tea, please?
Has somebody got an ink-cartridge for me?

ANY steht in:
Aussagesätzen mit Verneinung.
There isn´t any coffee in the cup, so you can´t have any.
I can´t find my keys anywhere.
I can´t see anybody in the room, because it´s too dark.

Fragen, bei denen jede Antwort möglich ist.
Do you know anything about him?
Has anyone seen David?
Is Lucy anywhere around here?

In Aussageaätzen in Verbindung mit never, hardly und without.
We saw punks in Oxford Street yesterday.
My sister bought new shoes.
Have you got orange shoelaces?
They didn't have pink T-shirts.
I haven't got money left, so I can't buy .
Could we have more time to go shopping, please?
Do you know where my keys are? - They must be in the hall.
Is there chicken left? Yes, there is in the fridge.
Can I have more sugar for my tea, please?
She hardly ever writes postcards.
They got to Buckingham Palace without problem.
Listen, is knocking at the door. - Is out there? - Yes, it's me, the postman. Here are letters for you, Madam.
Do you want to listen to of my new CDs? - Yes, great idea. I haven't bought for a long time.
There is hardly orange juice left. Please go and get from the kitchen.